Postbank is a familiar name to many customers, after all it has a long history. This goes back as far as 1909, when the Reichspost founded 13 so-called post office cheque offices, which were to work with the postal transfer and cheque traffic that had also been introduced. At that time, the post office giro account was used to transfer money across regions, which was not yet possible at that time and was therefore considered a revolution. In any case, it was not possible for the ordinary citizen, entrepreneurs and customers with a good financial cushion had this possibility very well. As a result, more than 44,000 accounts were opened and 29 million bookings were made in a very short time. This high volume prompted Swiss Post to process the rapidly growing number of orders automatically and in 1950 the standing order, 1969 the first electronic data carrier, 1983 screen text and 1991 telephone banking were added. Online banking was introduced in 1998, mobile banking in 2004 and Internet banking in 2007.

Today, Postbank is the house bank for many consumers, and its Internet presence makes it very popular. Its simple and clear structure is convincing, and its products for daily money transactions ensure that 1,100 branches and more than 4,500 partner branches handle daily banking transactions. Not only private customers, but also business customers and corporate customers choose Postbank for their financial transactions.

Affordability to customers

Private customers will find many good offers at Postbank that are not only easy to use, but also affordable. Anyone looking for a checking account can find one with many inclusive services at Postbank. The checking account is free of charge if a monthly cashless receipt of 1,000 euros takes place. Customers can withdraw their cash at more than 9,000 ATMs, which can be found not only in post offices but also in retail outlets such as OBI. A Visa Card is part of a current account today. At Postbank, it is free of charge for the customer in the first year, as is the current account itself. Shell also credits customers with a 1 cent tank discount per litre of fuel if they pay with their Postbank Card. Cash can also be withdrawn free of charge at petrol stations if it is intended for this purpose.

The Postbank Online Credit – further information

An online credit can be applied for at Postbank in just a few steps. If you would like to make a short-term wish or a long-term investment, Postbank has the right offers for you. Whether it’s a construction loan or a small loan. The loan amount and term can be arranged flexibly. The uncomplicated handling is what customers like so much about the Postbank Online Loan Application, but of course also about the low-cost offers.

Unscheduled repayments and repayments are possible, and financial protection against non-payment is also offered. If you’d rather save money, Postbank is the right place for you. The SparCard plus and many other attractive offers are on offer and can just as easily be used online. Here the customer’s money is invested lucratively; depending on the product selected, they can use a bonus of 4% p.a. per month, as with gold savings. Postbank’s wide range of products can easily be used when visiting the website because of its clear structure. Daily transactions such as transfers or standing orders can be carried out from anywhere with the help of the TAN sent to the mobile phone.

Postbank Loans

In Germany, the Jacksonville, FL personal loans is one of the largest financial service providers. Around 14 million customers are currently served in a wide variety of areas. These include attractive financings. Direct personal loans offer favorable online conditions with low interest rates. The loan can be flexible and individual in amount and term.

The net loan amounts range from EUR 3,000 to a maximum of EUR 50,000 and the terms range from 12 to 84 months. The inexpensive private loan is not earmarked, so the money is available for free use. Postbank offers a number of advantages. Anyone interested can have an offer for financing prepared free of charge and without obligation at Postbank. Existing credits with other banks can be redeemed and any rates be summarized to a rate, thus a better overview of finances remains always ensured.

Credit insurance optional

The credit agreement has optional instalment protection, which protects the loan against unforeseeable unemployment or death, and the payments of the instalments are covered by insurance. More than recommended for higher loan amounts.

Car loan

The car loan offers an attractive interest rate level, good product characteristics and general conditions. The negative is primarily reflected in secondary factors. Postbank Autokredit is well suited to financing expensive new cars. The upper limit is up to 50,000 euros. With a minimum amount of 3,000 euros, even used small cars can be financed cheaply. The loan amount can be freely selected.

The height of the rates is with running times of 12 to 84 monthly rates surely to the household budget to adapt. In addition, the term can be chosen exactly to the month. Alternatively, the desired rate can be chosen freely. A calculation tool is available directly via our credit comparison, only the required data must be entered to determine the rate.

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