Use the power of trade shows

With all the trade fairs, there are plenty of ideas for monthly promotions! Draw up a calendar of holidays and special days of the year, then select those that offer good sales potential according to your sector of activity. Then offer an original and attractive monthly promotion. Holidays have that unique and unifying power you’re looking for to reach your target audience at the right time!

Take care of your presentation

Or rather that of your products and services! It’s all about how you present them to your potential customers. A product package that stands out, is really practical or reusable, for example, can make all the difference. The same goes for your services: a unique name or branding will make you stand out. Remember that presentation plays a big role in the consumer’s mind. So, highlight your featured products of the month in your displays!

Organize a special event

Invite your customers to visit you on your company’s birthday or for a VIP sale. People love special events with a touch of glamour! It’s also a good time to boost your sales and make irresistible promotional offers.

Promote online

Accessible 24 hours a day, even outside your company’s business hours, the online offer is a smart idea for your monthly promotions. So why not promote only online? This may allow someone who is more reluctant to buy on the Internet to take advantage of the many advantages of the Web. Your potential customers will discover how the online shopping process works and maybe they will join it! The Web and social media offer an extraordinary potential for recruiting and retaining customers. It’s up to you to use them!

Reward word of mouth

Your loyal customers are a real gold mine: not only do they come back to buy from you, but they could attract you new customers as a bonus! Why not encourage them to refer you to people around them in exchange for a certain reward? A little extra or a free gift would certainly please them. Think about it!

Share your expertise for any purchase

If your customers have chosen you to purchase a product or service, it is because they trust you. Show them that they are right by sharing your expertise with them when they buy. For example, you can promise them a free session, an ebook or a value-added guide. The important thing is to give them the benefit of your expertise to add value to your monthly promotion.

Make an offer with a business partner

Another way to enhance your monthly promotions is to work with a company that offers products or services related to yours. By joining forces, you can offer a more complete and interesting promotion for the customer. Not to mention that you will also be able to get to know your business partner’s current clientele. A significant asset to access a new pool of prospects!

Create atmosphere

If your monthly promotions are in-store, immerse your customers in an atmosphere that is conducive to shopping. You can send out an attractive newsletter and invitations, but if the atmosphere is not there when you arrive, the interest will no longer be the same. So don’t neglect the decor on the spot!

Use the appeal of video

The strong viral potential of video makes it an exceptional communication tool! Use this idea to promote your promotional products or services. Integrate video into your newsletter, website and social media during your monthly promotions.

Think about the free demonstration

To boost your monthly promotions, offer a free demonstration of your products or services. Very useful to convince your customers, the demonstration is also an opportunity to build relationships with them. Let them touch, smell or even taste your products and explain how they are unique. If an image is worth a thousand words, imagine the power of the demonstration!

Offer an exclusive related product

For a limited time, give your customers a “little extra” for your monthly promotion. For example, offer the first 20 customers a basket of maintenance products for their vehicle or a gift set for their family trip this summer. Your imagination is your only limit!

Offer the trade-in in exchange for a discount

If you sell products that can be resold later, invite your customers to exchange them with you when they buy them in stores. We often see sports shops or vehicle dealers offering this type of service. But this could very well be applied in other sectors with a little imagination. You can also partner with a cause or charity and offer a discount or gift to your customers who make an in-store purchase during this period. Doing a good deed always pays off in addition to increasing your brand awareness!

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