Rancid tiles, dilapidated fittings and boring bathroom utensils: if the sight of the bathroom reminds you of long ago epochs, then it is high time for something new! We will show you how to transform the old wet room into a modern bathroom in just  few steps.

Make your bathroom look bigger

Those who are not lucky enough to be blessed with a large bathroom need not despair, because this step is all about the effect. The basic rule here is: create visual expanse through minimalism and spaciousness!

That’s how it works:

Consistently clean out: There’s hardly anyone who hasn’t accumulated a lot of bathroom utensils, cosmetics and drugstore articles over the years, which have long since been out of use and only take up unnecessary space. So let’s get it out!

Create clever storage space: Make the most of the space in the bathroom by using corners to integrate cupboards and chests of drawers. For example, a cupboard under the washbasin offers plenty of storage space without taking up additional space.

Mirrors for more room depth: Whether you opt for a large mirror above the sink, for several small ones or even for mirror tiles: The main thing is that the mirror(s) cover a relatively large area, giving the impression of an extended room.

Install light sources: When used correctly, light can have the effect of spaciousness. It is advisable to integrate several small ceiling lights instead of just one large one. You can also create a natural effect with flush-mounted floor luminaires or a mirror with integrated light.

Give your tiles a new coat of paint

The wild 70s and 80s were above all one thing: colourful and unconventional! Unfortunately, this did not apply to bathroom design. In countless German apartments in old buildings, residents of the post-80s complain about old-fashioned tile designs in olive green or earthy brown tones, which cause dreariness in the bathroom.

How can these unloved remnants of previous generations be made to disappear without having to completely retile the bathroom? Simply paint over! Best in a neutral, modern shade such as creamy beige, grey or classic white. If this is too boring for you, you can also paint one or two accent walls in a brighter shade such as red or green – you will find particularly successful examples here.

Replace your old bathroom equipment


Colourful shower curtains or old-fashioned frosted glass have no place in a modern bathroom. The better alternative, with which you are absolutely trendy, are shower cubicles made of clear glass. Shower cubicles made of clear glass, such as our frameless corner showers, are particularly elegant and timeless. If you are still undecided which shower suits your bathroom, have a look at our shower configurator!

To add the icing on the cake, you can also replace your old shower head with a rain shower head. This is very easy and gives your shower a touch of wellness.

But it can also be helpful to carefully decalcify the old shower head. This tutorial will show you how to remove even the most stubborn deposits in just a few steps.


Installing a completely new toilet usually involves too much effort and expense. But even with a new toilet lid in a modern design, you can give your toilet a completely new look. Here you will find instructions for installing a new toilet lid.


Your sink has seen better days? The most cost-effective solution for retouching unsightly traces of use is: distraction! This is best done with a large, self-designed mosaic mirror.

Set accents with modern DIY accessories

Last but not least, it’s all about decorating. Because with modern homemade bathroom accessories you can not only set accents, but also give your bathroom an individual personal touch. Here, however, the rule is: less is more! Because the decisive criterion of a modern bathroom is its minimalist, reserved style.

Therefore, it is advisable to simply combine the beautiful with the useful and to create decoration that not only looks chic, but which you can also use as accommodation for your bathroom products and utensils.

Beautiful decorative inspirations to make yourself:

Magnetic Make-Up Board

An absolute eye-catcher and probably the most creative solution for women with extensive make-up equipment. With this accessory you don’t just kill two, no, three birds with one stone: With this board your make-up utensils are not only pretty and space-saving stowed away, but also clearly arranged.

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