Dewayne, started Waterfront Press, is an explosive Marketing and Growth Consultant who can help your company generate high sales volumes on the Internet by making your marketing an event and turning your customers into “fans”.

Dewayne has developed several successful activities: a Latin dance school based in Nantes, a pioneering seduction coaching activity for singles, and finally the training institute Le Marketeur Fran├žais.

These multiple activities led him to write Le Secret des Entrepreneurs Libres: Make your dreams come true with a simple and concrete marketing system, which builds customer loyalty and sells your products 24 hours a day!

Dewayne’s success in launching his own products and services has led him to exercise his marketing expertise for other professionals – all his consulting clients without exception have achieved at least one million euros in additional revenue since their consulting session.

Throughout his career, Dewayne has met and benefited from the support of mentors (some of whom have become friends) whose names are probably familiar to you if you are also a marketing enthusiast: Frank Kern, Jeff Walker, Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard.

My Travel

You can have the best friends in the world, be like a dog and a dog in life, without even considering travelling together. The journey is special, we all have our own motivations and aspirations. So why not co-travel with people who share the same flame as you?

What is organized co-travel?

Organized co-travel means going on an adventure in a small group with strangers who share the same desires and motivations as you do. It means giving up large groups, saturated tourist sites, coaches and megaphones, to give way to an authentic and unique experience, while keeping the opportunity to bring the desired dynamic to your journey. On the menu: sharing and conviviality!

Why is it absolutely necessary to test it?

There are many advantages to co-travelling with strangers. Here are some of them:

Make new friends: share experiences, strong moments, intense emotions, what better way to create sincere friendships?

Meet true love: if you are single, going out in a small group can also be an opportunity to meet your soul mate!

Get to know each other better: even if group travel is above all an immense source of pleasure, it can still have its share of surprises (loss of luggage, a sidekick who is not always very compassionate or even a capricious weather) that can teach us a lot about our limits.

The way we adapt to a new environment can also tell us a lot about ourselves.

Have fun and simply enjoy: the organized co-trip exists so that you can enjoy every moment, and this, in the carefree setting of a turnkey stay.

How does it work?

By using platforms like Barouding, the ideal site to go on an adventure with travellers who look like you, the principle is simple:

Register online to join the adventure

Take a short quiz to determine your travel profile

Choose from trips that look like you

Finally, you will have the opportunity to consult the profile of people interested in the same trips as you, and to exchange with travellers who may cross your path.

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